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Made With Love.

Poured By Vibrationz.

Our Purpose

Engraving spiritual and emotional ties to growth and peace is the realm Vibrationz has chosen to thrive in. Mental health and the enrichment of one’s spirit has fueled the dedication of finding the perfect formula for the future. Phantom feelings of not having enough time to rest, stop, and care for ourselves stop here. Vibrationz allows you take your time back with the stroke of a flame. The products will make you feel compelled to close your eyes and smell the intention and the ingredients of care.


All organically paired with all natural beeswax will give you an experience of healthy love and relaxing freshness. The blessing of Vibrationz was placed on the soul of owner and creator calling her to the role of healing not just her community but the world. Being called to heal allowed her to dedicate candles to all genders, backgrounds, and races. The boundless reach of Vibrationz will show you that you are worth the moment of peace and the aroma of healing in your life no matter who you are. Take care of yourself to heal others.

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