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Eliminate and recover from the feeling of emotional distress with the aroma with the answer to relaxation. Overcome your moment of anxiety and open your world to the scent that whispers dreamy notes of organic love to the soul. The signature scent is blended with earthy tones for relaxation including pure lavender flowers. Honest soft garden- fresh aromas will create a space safe for your body, soul, and spirit to recharge. Allow yourself to exchange those moments of disarray and elevate yourself with distinctive dreamy notes of moments of deserved softness of the spirit.


Product Handle:

  • Never burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time

  • Keep the candle lid placed on the candle when not using it to retain maximum freshness

  • Always trim the wick before relighting it for the best burn

  • Try to burn the candle away fans, vents, and drafts to maintain an even burn

  • Never leave the candle unattended

  • Keep the candle away from all flammables

  • Do not move the candle when there is visible liquid wax

  • Always burn on a heat resistant surface


Soft Whispers

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