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Elevate your home and
mind with our iconic
aromatherapy collection.

Brighten Your Space

Discover our most beloved candles, handpicked by our loyal customers for their exceptional scents and lasting burn. These top-rated favorites are sure to light up your home and your heart.

About Our Vibration

Vibrationz allows you take your time back with the stroke of a flame. The boundless reach of Vibrationz will show you that you are worth the moment of peace and the aroma of healing in your life no matter who you are. Take care of yourself to heal others.

Our Beeswax Collection

Discover the natural elegance of our hand-poured beeswax candles, crafted to bring a warm, golden glow to your space. Each candle is made from 100% pure beeswax, known for its clean burn and subtle honey scent.


Scented Wax Melts Collection

Experience the purity of our hand-poured soy wax candles, crafted to deliver a clean, long-lasting burn. Made from 100% natural soybeans, these candles are eco-friendly, sustainable, and perfect for filling your space with soothing, vibrant scents.


Naked is one of my favs from Vibrationz. It has very relaxing, subtle eucalyptus scent which is what I was looking for. Yet, as soon as it’s lit you can immediately smell it permeating the air. I let the candle burn for 2 hrs at a time and has been lasting-long. The scent fills the room very nicely. Anytime company comes over my house, everyone always inquires about the candles. I also love that the candles are made with organic ingredients. The jars are extra cute heavy. Definitely will be ordering other scents to add my Vibrationz collection!

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